Employment at Aqua Club

Aqua Club is an Equal Opportunity employer. We are looking for candidates that align to our values in; health, community, diversity inclusion and stewardship. Please see the following open roles below;



Lifeguard Attendance Policy

All staff must give at least 24 hours notice if they cannot make their assigned shift; in case of illness staff must give as much advance notice as is feasible. Staff are responsible for arranging for another lifeguard to fill in if they cannot do a shift.

Lifeguards may not clock in for shifts more than ten minutes prior to the start of their scheduled shift unless requested to do so by a Manager or Head Lifeguard then on duty.

Failure to show up for assigned shifts or being late for assigned shifts may result in impacts on future scheduling for the employee.

Violations of this policy may result in discipline up to and including suspension or termination of employment.

Employee Device Policy

Employee’s use of electronic devices including laptops, headphones, smart watches, mobile phones, tablets, laptops or any other mobile connected device can lead to problems in the workspace, including, for example:

  • Distractions from work tasks;
  • Disturbing colleagues or guests; or
  • ​Security, cyber bullying and confidentiality issues

At the Aqua Club, member, guest and employee safety is the number one priority for everyone. Electronic devices may cause distractions that prevent staff from being fully present and engaged in their work. This could put  others at risk due to the lack of focus on pool responsibilities  or being able to recognize and respond to any issues that arise.

The use of Devices may prevent a staff member from appropriately recognizing and responding to an emergency, and this may result in negligent behavior.

Personal Devices Policy

Personal Devices Generally Prohibited: Except as expressly provided in this policy, employees may not use personal cell/mobile phones, tablets, laptops or other connected device (collectively, “Personal Devices”) while on shift. This prohibition on using Personal Devices applies throughout the Aqua Club grounds, including the pool deck, locker rooms and the office. Employees must store Personal Devices in office cubbies for the duration of their shift.

Permitted Uses of Personal Devices

The limited scenarios where employees may use Personal Devices during a shift are as follows:

  • In the case of an emergency to contact emergency services.
  • Managers may use personal Devices for work-related purposes, such as checking staff schedules, contacting other staff members and work related correspondence.
  • The Employee receives express permission in advance from a manager or Head Guard to use a personal Device for an urgent phone call or text.
  • Employees on break or lunch, provided that the employee is not in the Aqua Club office or on the pool deck.

Smart Watches: Employees may not wear smartwatches or fitness bands capable of sending or receiving text messages while working unless the texting capability is turned off.

Laptops: Employees may use laptops and tablets, provided that they may only be used in connection with work in support of the Aqua Club, usage is within the Aqua Club office and not in locker rooms or on the pool deck and the use is at the direction of the staff leader then on duty.

Headphones: Employees may not wear or use headphones at any point while on shift

* The violation of any of these policies will be dealt with on a personal basis and may result in the loss of personal privileges while at work, suspension, termination, and policy changes for all staff. *