Currently, our waitlists are closed to new applicants and will reopen spring 2024 as we work to process new applications, finalize and post the updated lists.

First determine which waitlist requirements you meet – review our waitlist policy to see if you should apply to Priority or Standard waitlist (based on geographic boundaries and our policy).

Prospective Member Information

If you have applied to be a member of Aqua Club and have questions – please review the information below. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out.


As of January 1, 2016, in the interest of developing long lasting community connections to the Aqua Club, the Aqua Club board established a waitlist policy that contains two waitlists for membership to the Club: a Priority Waitlist and a Standard Waitlist.

The waitlist policy and fee is subject to change at any time for any reason and without prior notice to applicants, and no guarantee is made as to if/when a waitlist participant will be offered a membership.

Click here for a PDF of the full waitlist policy.


Applicants who are within the geographic boundary of the defined Aqua Club community may apply to the Priority Waitlist. The geographic boundary runs from I-5 east along NE 145th Street in the City of Shoreline, across Lake Washington to where NE 145th Street meets I-405, then North along I-405 to the intersection of I-405 and I-5, then South along I-5 back to NE 145th Street. The boundary is essentially a triangle using 145th, I-405, and I-5 as the borders.


To secure your spot on the Standard Waitlist, please review the Waitlist Policy and Procedures, membership information, click here to download and complete the Standard Membership Application (link disabled due to temporary waitlist closure) and send along with a check for the $150.00 non-refundable application fee to: Aqua Club Inc., PO Box 82122, Kenmore, WA 98028.

Waitlist applicants residing outside of these boundaries are welcome to apply to join Aqua Club and will be placed on the Standard Waitlist.  Memberships will be offered to those on the Priority Waitlist before memberships are offered to those on the Standard Waitlist. Under Aqua Club’s waitlist policy, the Priority Waitlist must be exhausted (e.g., no applicants) before membership is offered to the Standard Waitlist.

* The waitlist policy and fee is subject to change at any time for any reason and without prior notice to applicants, and no guarantee is made as to if/when a waitlist participant will be offered a membership. *


Priority Waitlist placement can be requested for the following exceptions regardless of the applicant’s current address, subject to review by the Aqua Club Membership Committee:

Applications placed on the Standard Waitlist who later move within the geographic boundary must notify the Aqua Club Membership Chair and provide proof of residency (current utility bill, lease agreement, mortgage statement, or property tax statement) and will be placed on Priority Waitlist according to the date of the original application.

In the event that the partners of a household membership dissolve their partnership (e.g., divorce), the partners must notify the Membership Chair and the partner who does not retain membership shall have one year from time of dissolution to apply for membership at Aqua Club.  A membership will be offered immediately as long as it does not put Aqua Club over the maximum number of memberships set forth in the Bylaws, in which case the former spouse who does not retain membership would be placed at the top of the Priority Waitlist (behind any other former spouses in the same situation).


Each year, offers of membership are extended to those at the top of the Priority Waitlist. The number of offers made each year depends on fluctuations in our current membership. Offers of membership may continue throughout the year.

Upon receipt of an offer, an applicant has two options:

(1) Join the Aqua Club by paying the current Membership fee, Annual fee, and Assessment fee (amounts listed on website),
(2) Defer membership.

If you choose to defer, your name will go to the end of the Priority Waitlist, when your name reaches the top again, you will again be offered a membership.

If you choose not to accept the second offer of membership, your name will be dropped from the waitlist.

Verification that a priority-waitlist applicant’s address is inside the geographic boundary will occur twice; first at the time of application and second upon offer of membership.