2024 Swim Team Coaches


  1. School: Went to Washington State University
  2. Favorite stroke: Breaststroke
  3. Favorite food: Mexican
  4. Favorite swimming memory: Cheering on teammates, winning All City, and having my kids on the swim team.

CADE BIRGFELD, Assistant Coach

  1. School: I am a swimmer at Colorado College and went to Shorecrest High School
  2. Favorite stroke: Butterfly, which I specialized in when I was younger.
  3. Favorite food: potstickers or dumplings and am a big fan of din tai fung.
  4. Favorite swimming memory: while growing up was district’s sophomore year of high school because it felt like the team really pulled together. Everyone was cheering for each other and it was the culmination of a season of hard work.

ANDREW HARNESS, Assistant Coach

  1. School: I go to Montana State University 
  2. Favorite stroke: Backstroke, my all-time favorite event is the Individual Medley
  3. Favorite food: Sushi 
  4. Favorite swimming memory: All cities 2019

LEXI EDWARDS, Assistant Coach

  1. School: I am a Junior at Boise State University
  2. Favorite stroke: freestyle 
  3. Favorite food: any type of pasta 
  4. Favorite swimming memory: hanging out with all of my friends at every swim meet.

MADDIE HAYDEN, Assistant Coach

  1. School:  Seattle Pacific University 
  2. Favorite Stroke: Backstroke 
  3. Favorite Food: Mac N Cheese
  4.  Favorite swimming memory: coaching the Garfield High school swim team.

TYLER LIPPOLD, Assistant Coach

  1. School: UW
  2. Favorite Stroke: Butterfly 
  3. Favorite Food: Root beer
  4. Favorite swimming memory: All City meet in 2001.