Last updated: Sept 27, 2023

Aqua Club Payments & Late Payment Policy

Aqua Club relies heavily on membership dues to operate and serve the community. Aqua Club is a small not-for-profit and member owned organization run by a small staff and volunteer board of directors. Aqua Club strives to ensure the lowest possible fees to its members, which is only possible when we are able to keep our costs low.  When members do not make timely payments, income that is required to maintain the club’s operations is lost, and Aqua Club’s operational costs increase (e.g., member reminders, increased bookkeeping activities, multiple invoices, etc.).

A late fee is charged for late payments to encourage timely payments and to offset these increased costs. This allows Aqua Club to maintain its modest budget without further increasing fees to all members.

Unless otherwise specifically stated, all membership dues and fees must be paid in full within 30 days of the date of the invoice or bill. Such financial obligations will be deemed paid in full if the payment is received by Aqua Club within 30 days of the date of the invoice or bill. 

Payments that are not paid in full to Aqua Club in accordance with this policy are subject to a late fee as provided below.  

Late Fee Assessment

The late fees described below will be assessed monthly, beginning the month after the invoice or bill is due and not paid in full. Thereafter, additional late fees will be assessed on a calendar monthly basis on which additional late fees will accrue.

Late Fee for Annual Membership Dues and Capital Improvement Assessments

  • Annual dues – $50 per month
  • Capital Improvement Assessment fee – $50 per month

Late Fee for All Other Invoices or Bills

  • $25 per month

Suspension, Expulsion and Forfeiture of Membership

Section 2.6 of the Aqua Club bylaws provide that a member may be suspended for a specified period of time or expelled from the club and their membership forfeited for being delinquent for a period of 90 days or more in any obligation to the Aqua Club.